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PROTEC 20 - 10 TO 15 GARMENTS in 5 to 10 minutes (Lab certified)

Disinfection cabinet for the treatment of clothing, shoes, bags, etc. Intended for retail stores where the manipulation of the garments may represent a risk of contamination for the public health. It is totally built in stainless steel. Programming system for easy handling with luminous indicators for  beginning and end of process.

Completely silent. The system does not need any additional installation. it is only necessary to connect it to the electrical network at 220V / 250W.

The system is completely silent, bringing together all the parameters marked in the European regulation UE528 / 2012. The treatment guarantees the elimination of viruses, mites, bacilli, etc. Protection of garment´s  colors and touch is also guaranteed. No  risk and no stains. No chemical products are used. A microbiological study of process times and its effectiveness is supplied with the machine. Contrast results are achieved empirically from 98 to 99.9% effectiveness.


Cabinet in satin stainless steel.

99% tightness


Height 200 cm

Width 75 cm

Depth 65 cm

Power 250W

Voltage: 220 volts single phase