Automatic belt knitwear finish machine, with front steamed preaparation plate, seteamed superior plate and electric heating, inferior plate with suction and incorporated garment stacker.

Multiple steam outlets to have a uniform distribution among the plate.

Production: From 720 to 1.440 in 8 hours.

Programmer: Touch screen CPU with multiple program and combinations.

Plate dimensions: 78,7 x 39,3 in.

Necessary Power: 4 Kw.

Steam on all plates.


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    BC-20 BC-25
Height (A) in. 63,4  64,4 
Width(B) in. 118,1  141,7 
Depth (C) in. 137,8  151,57 

  1. Body forming system
  2. Neck and shoulders forming system.
  3. 5 laser arch
  4. Long sleeve forming system