Includes a microprocessor that regulates temperature and time and controls the several safety devices. Process settings are always showed in the frontal display.
Temperature is controlled by a high precision platinum probe (PT-100). Also includes an automatic stop in the event of emergency (pneumatic machine)
It also includes an electronic control that dispenses resistance power for thermic inertias to prevent temperature oscillations.
Machine starts turning automatic cut switch on (according to current regulations), which protects it thermically from short circuits and overloads.  
Machine work surface is 400 x 450 mm


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    Stamp-400 Stamp-400 3P
Electric Power Kw
Electric Power V 230  220-380 
Air Consumption gal / min 9,5  26 
Work Pressure psi 87  87 
Weight lb 136  374 
Maximum Temperature ºF 450  450 
    Stamp-400 Stamp-400 3P
Height (A) in. 17,9  49,2 
Width(B) in. 16,1  55,1 
Depth (C) in. 26,3  65