WR Iron

It has an electronic timer that regulates the iron-wrinkle time, a thermoregulator for the temperature adjustment and a pressure controller to fit the wrinkle pressure. The parameters are visualized in the frontal display.

The temperature is controlled by a Pt-100 temperature probe which detects at every moment the oil bath temperature which is warmed up by an electrical resistance.  Also it has an automatic stop push button in case of emergency.

The machine is provided with an electronic control that in order to prevent temperature oscillations dosifies the resistance power for thermal inertias. The machine activates with the automatic cut switch (agreed with the effective norm) which thermally protects from short circuits or overloads.
Independent suction system of automatic cut to fix the wrinkles positioning and to assure a high productivity. Any manual binding fo the wrinkle is not required. Model available for located areas like box (moustaches), elbows, sleeves and trousers bases.

Voltage V 230 
Machine Power W 1000 
Work Pressure psi 87 
Maximum Temperature ºF 428