TMVM Manniquies

Easy to use and install.
Adjustable height.
Independent blowing system with fast and simultaneous air discharge from both legs through a special wide-opening drainage valve.
Manual or pneumatic system for turning the garments by clutch, with blocking system in every position.

    TMVM-3 TMVM-4
Work Pressure psi 87  87 
Air Consumption gal / min 21-26  21-26 
Weight lb 485  705 
    TMVM-3 TMVM-4
Height (A) in. 83,46  94,5 
Width(B) in. 31,5  31,5 
Depth (C) in. 116,14  155,5 
  1. Rotating brushes of different sizes.
  2. Pneumatic brush engine.
  3. Latex cylindrical sleeve.
  4. Rubbers for moustaches.