Dry Blast

Boot built in painted steel, with inner protection, one 9,5 mm diameter nozzle for blasting purposes, and inner light for monitoring the whole process.

- In the loading and unloading area, there is a rotary vertical drum to place the garments by easy-to-use springs, with two sides that make possible that inner blasting and loading and unloading of garments may be operated simultaneously.

The machine includes:

-       Clothespin with spring to fix trousers

-       Drum rotation may be:

  • Manual (standard)
  • Automatic through pedal (optional)
    Laboratory Dry Blast
Electric Consumption Kw 1,5 
Air Consumption gal / min 135 - 925 
Work Pressure psi 30 - 145 
    Laboratory Dry Blast
Height (A) in. 90,5 
Depth (B) in. 74,8 
Width (C) in. 78,7